Behind Scenes

F.T.M.T.M.I. Behind the scenes 


“Around 1938, Paul Valéry wrote: «The History of Literature should not be the authors histories and the accidents of their careers, or the journey of their work, but the History of the Spirit as producer or consumer of literature. That story could be carried out without mentioning a single writer. ” It was not the first time that Spirit made that observation; In 1844, in the town of Concord, another of his clerks had noted: “It would seem that a single person has written all the books in the world; there is central unity in all of them that it is undeniable that is the work of a single omniscient knight ”(Emerson: Essays, 2, VIII). Twenty years earlier, Shelley stated that all poems of the past, present and future, are episodes or fragments of a single infinite poem, erected by all the poets of the world (A Defense of Poetry, 1821) ”


F.T.M.T.M.I. Behind the scenes: A real “mironian” experience!

Behind Scenes