The “end of the world”
Digital Novel

From the Moon to Miró is a digital novel (hell yes! Its a book, but also a digital experience) built upon the convergence between literature and web technologies. The story tears apart the boundaries of fiction and fantasy. Cris Pine, a bankrupt idealistic entrepreneur embarked on a journey to find the truth behind life, experiences a rebirth when he encounters an alleged unpublished painting by the Spanish painter Joan Miró, and tries to certify it in ADOM, “the Association for the Defense of Joan Miró Work”. Suddenly, what seemed impossible; to rebuilt his economy, being able to share his live with his couple and while offering a better life to his son, now becomes a real paradox. The journey he must take to certify the painting is also an inner journey to find his own truth.

Most studies say the painting is an original,
some detractors he face says it’s not.
He refuses to believe it so because he sees something else.
This is the story to find out the truth.

More about the story…

The colombian quixotic and contemporary novel is about the journey Cris Pine undertakes to certify an alleged unpublished painting by Joan Miró –with a Miró signature and an authentic obverse– in the “Association for the Defense of Joan Miró Work”, ADOM, that also mirrors his inner journey into the root of his personal conflict, a journey in a fantastic world of profound philosophical and artistic beauty. In this world he manages to transform his demons and turn them into the purest form of art creation: 9 Paintings. This journey, having Joan Miró’s life as a reflection, is supported by illustrations, animations, “special effects” and a digital environment to recreate the atmosphere in which Cris Pine discovers that even in a beetle, in the moon or in an ajiaco soup; precisely in everything that we call ordinary, lies the roots for the extraordinary.

Wait, what? An
original from Miró?

Yes, as you hear it: “Beetle under the moon”, that’s the name of the alleged unpublish paint made presumably by Miró. This is the challenge Cris Pine has faced. Most studies endorse the paint originality, but some detractors says is not an original from Miró. Besides, there is a lot of people opposing to Miró’s style in art, for those of you who want to go deeper into the history of art and get into the debate, a famous Miró main detractor now days is Antonio Villarán, the youtuber who shares a lot of painting history related content.



So, literature converges
with technology?

“From the moon to Miró - The Digital Novel” has the power to break paradigms. The new century brings with it challenges that demand new ways of thinking, a new language, a new vision of the world and of ourselves. This psychological thriller mixes different components of current formats, creating a story of small stories that serve as a bridge to rediscover the individual true and the journey that society needs to undergo to solve the adversities it faces. Created in Colombia, “From The Moon To Miró” is a pioneer in this field and has a strategic market production that paves the way for a new way of relating to reality.

meet our
in-house team members

Cris Pine


Jonathan Lerma


Sergio Valenzuela


Liza Cortés

CFO Assitant

David Mercado


Alejandro Paucar


Andrés Buitrago

Content Production

Julián Buitrago

Legal Director

Our new vision
to Literature

Our team includes artists, producers and entrepreneurs with inter and transdisciplinary profiles that makes possible to materialize this vision. We know how to use new technologies to enrich a story and we understand the advantages of each format. It's not just about minting NFT's, having an e-book with wild illustrations or the digital novel as an isolated product. It's about understanding the relationship between the formats and leveraging their strengths and comparative advantages to deliver a rich and immersive experience.

From the Moon
to Miró Sobretexeim

The “Sobretexeim“ behind From the Moon to Miró story has created an intense debate within the team. There are some of us who believe that somehow Cris Pine managed, as he did with so many other things, to organize the whole process before dissapearing, and that the piece will eventually show up, perhaps in Barcelona, New York, Bogotá, Miami or someother city related to his journey. Others believe that is just a product of Cris Pine twisted imagination, however, last chapter 8 sketch and the journalist reports points out the “Sobretexeim“ evidence and Mr Cris Pine strategy behind it. Many has work helping us to make his vision comes true.

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The F.T.M.T.M.I. Digital Novel + -

This is the next step, the new way of approaching digital reading. The Digital Novel is a convergency between literature and the power of web technologies. You will love it. 

The F.T.M.T.M.I. Ebook + -

If you loved “The F.T.M.T.M.I. Digital Novel”, you will love this extended version of the story. You will be able to understand and enjoy further details of Cris Pine and Iris adventures in any device. 

The F.T.M.T.M.I. Printed Novel + -

The printed edition is not the last step of our project, but is certainly and important one. “The F.T.M.T.M.I. Printed Novel” will link the physical world, the book, to the fictional world, opening the key to some secrets of this “mironian” journey.

The F.T.M.T.M.I. NFT’s Series + -

Oh! You have seen nothing. So is best not to spoil your journey. Rest assure, “The F.T.M.T.M.I. NFT’s Series” will be wild.

The F.T.M.T.M.I. Metaverse + -

Let us only say this, the Metaverse will be really fun.



This new approach will bring the convergency of Literature and Web Technologies into a new way of reading. The best of two worlds will come together to provide an enhanced and richer reading experience. However, this is only the begining.


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